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This word implies such variety of practicies that raises questions justly - what, how, why? I'm going to reply some questions about the sessions here.


Meditations are many. Which one are we going to practice?

In short - concentration with giving some part of attention to how our mind works, our mental and emotional processes as well as physical. We will sort out what the difference is there between various approaches, teсhniques, notations, in what way they are similar, what mechanisms work.

I don't have relevant experience, I'm curious and bit scared (confused) same time

Excellent basis to start with. You will sort (figure) out not only one exact practice, but will be able to see other practices through and with your new deeper understanding of the process and take decisions more consciously - what practice and with what goal you want to participate next time. You won't be confused in future with such foundation (base).

I already have very "weird" meditation experience

You will look at you past experience and rethink it with better understanding definitely.


Classes cost

A meditation session lasts one hour in a group or privately both. Offline I teach at my place, in a yoga studio or can come to you place as well. Online we can see and hear each other. You get a link to my website page before a session - it's easy to connect, zoom type online meeting.

I recommend two sessions a week (little further it's explained why in more details). That's necessary minimum if you are interested in tangible immersion and results. 

Currently I have a regular online Russian speaking group and am open for an English one. Message me through the page Контакты, On Whatsapp or by


One on one

   1 class - 850 Rs.

 8 classes - 5600 Rs.

  16 classes - 10400 Rs.

In a group

   1 class - 500 Rs.

  8 сlasses - 3000 Rs.

16 classes - 5600 Rs.


One on one at my studio

   1 class - 850 Rs.

 8 classes - 5600 Rs.

  16 classes - 10400 Rs.

One on one at your place

   1 class - 1250 Rs.

8 classes - 8000 Rs.

16 classes - 14400 Rs.

In a group at my studio

   1 class - 500 Rs.

  8 сlasses - 3000 Rs.

16 classes - 5600 Rs.

In a group at your place

  1 class  - 650 Rs.

  8 classes - 4000 Rs.

16 classes - 7200 Rs.

Why it makes sense to sign up for 8 or 16 weeks

One session can help you to realize if (that rings any bells) you feel resonance with a teacher. Same time that's only one episode, one from dozens and hundreds you can have practicing. And for the beginning it might be really not enough to understand what's the point.


Almost every session I keep reminding everyone in different ways that practice is different every time, it never repeats. At the same time regular practice lets you collect inside your own, unique puzzle, kind of inner map.


Reproducing the technique, going through the process again and again, with a teacher or alone you can get definitely quicker it's fruits -peace, serenity and more clear (and pure?) perception. To get this state of mind, be amazed, suddenly repeat that, witness (observe) it again and again and learn to switch there intentionally, while practice and out of it. That's why regularity is the key.

Difference between private and group session

On one on one session you can get maximum privacy if you need it and my full attention. It feels more safe and delicate. Though meditation is not psychotherapeutic format process but it definetely can be healing in effect. In this sense private session (individual) creates more deep and individual relationship between a practitioner and me which of course helps her or him in their unique inner process, whether emotional or cognitive. Though perhaps it shouldn't be divided.

In a group questions and comments of other participants can deepen your understanding of your practice. And that's also a great advantage (big plus). Generally very similar questions arise regarding the technique no matter it was voiced or not. That's why group discussions turn out to be useful (helpful) to all. Others' practice, their presence support(s) in not always easy process. Group format as well as individual implies (includes) deep work, dialogues, details and my complete involvement. 

Classes topics

In case of one on one session we pick a topic or questions for discussion and practice together and regarding to the person. For example I help to sort out what exactly in your circumstences makes your practice more difficult and how it's possible to correct that.

As I recommend 8 or 16 sessions the first 2-3 weeks I take different sides of practice to focus on and understand deeper. Theory is meant to be for better understanding, not discussing only but practical aspects. All together the topics form (make up) a system but in each group material finds it's way to be voiced to get closure for exact people. That's why it's possible to take a separate class of a practicinig regularly group as well.

I take such topics as techniques and variety of practices, skill of observation, classic “mistakes” and myths about meditation, resource in and for practice, regularity of practice, obstacles in practice, meditation and psychology, physical aspect of “non-physical” practice.

On sessions besides meditation itself I give exercises for spine - for meditation in more stable sitting posture (the lifted arms on the pictures), joint gymnastics, yoga asanas sequences depending on a group or person on one on one session.


My experience (and approach)

My experience as a practitioner and a teacher has started in 2010 when after one year of Ayengar yoga practice and a try to study coaching I found myself starting a 3.5 years gestalt therapy professional course. In 2011 I did half of a yoga teacher training course but left it because of mismatch between the yoga school's values and my inner values. At the same time with the gestalt course till 2013 I tried many different practicies and approaches, took courses and workshops in various notations of psychology and other self exploring and self development directions in Moscow which are available plenty there. I had 2 years of psychotherapy weekly in that period. Went to study to Saint-Peterburg and Kiev. My search was very active and intense. 

На те деньги, что я потратила за те несколько лет на обучающие программы, я могла бы купить в Беларуси квартиру. Но важнее было другое. С 11-12 года я вела женскую группу Женское Пространство, организовала чудесный фестиваль для женщин. Женская тема перетекла в мужско-женскую, и мы с моим партнером организовали встречи для мужчин и женщин с медитативными и психологическими практиками, и это был успешный успех. Он кстати встретил там свою супругу.


At the beginning of 2013 I went to India to meet one exact local meditation teacher in Rishikesh. Since that time I don't collect my diplomas about completing any courses. And almost don't anything else. In the middle of 2013 I left my gestalt course little before certification. Because I had found something mine, my source, first outside and then inside. Is my "training program" (studying) over? Of course not. I take it that the way that life keeps teaching us every day. At the same time I'm sure some things experienced and understood by me can be useful for those who are interested in practice. People definitely have some ideas about meditation which can be dispelled. And those realisations are available for people sincerely and naturally concerned about themselves. There is one more interesting in my view category of practitioners - they get results in meditation that are not reachable for others even very dedicated practitioners. So such people pass by their unique experiences involved in some other sides of life. This also happens, I'm learning about it also.

I keep practicing led by the same Indian teacher, translate his lectures and retreats in India and online for Russians. My teaching is teaching me a lot as well. At the same time I'm having a new round in my yoga practice - studying yoga therapy professionally so I can understand deeper physical dimension (aspect) of practice and help my students to maintain and develop their physical bodies, they define a lot. Also it helps me to show some relations between body and mind so people can make some changes in one side and get results in another side of practice. That's what captivates and inspires me now - combination of meditation and better understanding of how body works.


How to book a session

Message me about your wish through the page Контакты, в вотсап or by email Я вышлю вам номер карты для перевода и добавлю в вотсап группу участников, где вы будете получать ссылку на трансляцию уроков.

Я подумываю присоединиться, но мне не подходит расписание

Возможно кому-то ещё подходит то же время, что и вам. Напишите мне через страницу Контакты, в вотсап или на почту Мы обсудим время, которое удобно вам.

Задайте мне свой вопрос через страницу Контакты, в вотсап или на почту

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